Sunday, September 18, 2011


So my dad is the type of guy who is a do-it-yourself man. And a workaholic too. Both of my parents recently got laid off just like that after being loyal workers for over a decade. Some ol' Bullshiiiiiiit if you ask me.

Anyways, since my dad can't just sit around and do nothing, we have started a new project. Great. -_-' Let's take a swing at enclosing the porch. But for someone who doesn't do construction for a living, he knew a lot. And it's looking good too! I feel a warm sense of accomplishment coming after this one.

How about everyone else? Do you like to try and do everything yourself if you  think you can? Personally, I'm reluctant to try and do things I'm not skilled in, but to each his/her own.


  1. Great post!Good luck with new project!

  2. waiting for more :D
    nice pic btw:P

  3. I like when my papi messes everything up in the house. It makes me rage hard!

  4. I was reluctant to get into the field of work I'm in because of my age (22), but I decided to try it. Being a labor co-ordinator is hard when people can't see past your age, but no one can say a bad word about my work ethic.

  5. LOL
    this gif remember me my 8 years old =P
    We are waitign, mate :]

  6. My dad's the same way... it's very useful. :)